Work Safe BC Compliant and 10 million insured

We are authorized to dive in Victoria Harbour, Van Isle Marina, Canoe Cove Marina,  Pedder Bay Marina, Oak Bay Marina and numerous private docks.

  • Underwater Hydraulic tool- We stock many underwater hydraulic tools to complete any construction/de-construction job in a timely fashion. We only use environmentally friendly  food grade hydraulic fluid in our equipment.
hyraulic chainsaw











  •  Dry Docking and Ship Loading– We are the  local experts and highly experienced in all aspects dry docking / ship loading of all sizes of vessels.








  • Blasting – Cold Water Divers is certified for blasting both above and below the waterline. If you have rocks or concrete in your way, we can blast it into a non issue.

16196037_1407377435962074_5426518388797363505_n blasting








  • Moorings – If you need a mooring designed, installed, repaired or removed,we have you covered. Our side scan sonar can find all lost mooring systems.

Screen shot 2015-10-26 at 8.39.47 PMScreen shot 2015-10-26 at 8.44.42 PM







  • Inspections &  Servicing – Down time for vessels and water based infrastructures is costly and time consuming. Avoid the downtime with our in-water inspections, servicing and repairs.

new flanges






  • Video & Photography – “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Save yourself several thousand words when preparing reports and documents. We can supply a full range of live underwater video and photography services for your marina or civil engineering project.








  • Salvage & Retrieval – A downed vessel or damaged infrastructure is a hazard to navigation and a legal liability, we can aid you in salvage and recovery  efforts. From large objects to a lost hearing aid, we can bring it to the surface for you.
we recovered this sunk derelict vessel for the municipality of  Saanich.

we recovered this sunk derelict vessel for the municipality of Saanich.

we recovered this sunk derelict vessel for the municipality of  Saanich.

we recovered this sunk derelict vessel for the municipality of Saanich.


  • Hull Cleaning – A clean and sleek hull saves you money and reduces drag. We can remove marine growth on raw water intake, rudder, prop, trim tab, and stabilizers, and provide regular maintenance on your schedule. Haul outs cost you time and money and Cold Water Divers will keep you up and running with a minimum of downtime and no travel lift costs or yard fees.

before and after







  • Zincs – Zinc anodes protect submerged metal from costly corrosion. Ensure their integrity and the continued protection of your vessel with in-water service and replacement. Your anodes should be replaced once they degrade to 50% of their original condition. Don’t wait for a haul out to discover you’re too late – just one phone call now will save you plenty of wasted time and money down the road.
we designed and installed commercial zincs for a customer.

we designed and installed commercial zincs for a customer.










  • Float Home & Dock Repairs – Wind and strong seas have a habit of dislodging your moorings, which can lead to disaster. Prevent mishaps by having your dock pilings and mooring blocks inspected.
  • Dock Floatation / House Floatation – Do you have a sinking feeling? Or perhaps you’re listing just a little too much. We are your local experts in floatation. We can balance your load and float it as high as you need. We can design and install custom sizes and shapes as needed. We also have the largest installation machine in BC.






  • Propeller Removal & Replacement – We are the your local experts. We  experience, knowledge, proper tool and specialized equipment to remove and replace props, from very small to very large.


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