Our surface supply division is 100% modular and self-sufficient while on site. As a dive contractor or dive team operates with new high end dive gear.¬† Dinosaur dive gear from the late¬† 80’s will never be authorized or used on our job sites. To do the best job, we have the best gear along with best divers on the West Coast.

Welding- We have the capability to conduct underwater welding via certified welders for above and below the water.

Cutting- Our company uses Thermal Broco rods for cutting of most material underwater.

Hydraulics- Cold Water Divers Inc. operates a wide variety of underwater hydraulic tools from chainsaws, drills, grinder and cut off saws. Most likely, if we don’t own it… you don’t need it.

Blasting – We are certified for blasting above and below water. If your can’t move it, we can.




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