Thanks Adam;

Thanks for the great job.  As always your professionalism and work ethic stand out. Processing the invoice should take about 10 days. Please give me a call with any questions or concerns. Thanks again for finding my lost trap – what a great bonus!



Corporate Projects

General Manager, Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina

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Sender's Message: Thanks for a fine job. 
I will order the other zincs. I will contact you with delivery info. 
Regards, Bill


Sender's Message:
Adam – thank you for your excellent dive inspection and photos of the 
underwater damage to the Alaskan Legend. Cold Water Divers prompt response 
and dive inspection has been of inestimable value in getting to the cause of 
her March 9th “settling”. 
-Bernie Conley


Hi Adam,
What an AWESOME job!! I may never haul out again Smiling face with smiling eyes
The waterline looks great and we went out for a sail today and it was smooth–although so windy the bottom probably didn’t matter.
I will contact you in August for the next scrub.
Thank you for your professional service. We really appreciate it.

To Cold Water Divers,

Amazing work, great to know the talent is so close at hand! Thank Adam for me and ask him to send me his invoice. This seems very convenient.

Prince of Whales

Owner, Alan


Hi Adam,

Thank you very much for your report, and your professional approach to this job.