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Commercial Requirements?

We meet all of your commercial-related inshore requirements…

Professional Certifications

Cold Water Divers knows that down-time in a commercial world is unacceptable. As such we provide the safest, fastest and most cost-effective service on the coast!

    • Ship’s Hull Inspection
    • ROV Applications
    • Welding & Repairs
    • Buoy Maintenance
    • Civil Infrastructure
    • HazMat Diving
    • Scientific Diving
    • Cathodic Protection
    • Videos & Photography
    • Construction
    • Fish Farms
    • Tank Inspections
    • Underwater Hydraulic
    • Side Scan Sonar
    • Blasting
    • Track & Location Plotting
    • Confined Space
    • Transportation
    • Stevedoring Assistance
    • Vessel Rentals/Lease