💥 Commercial Vessel Maintenance 💥

💥 Commercial Clients 💥

Canada Coast Guard ships are part of Cold Water Divers’ regular commercial customers. Today we had a break in the rain and so we didn’t get wet…

We typically provide a range of services when one of these ships comes to visit in Victoria:

  • Periodic in-water hull and intake inspections
  • Underwater gear inspection (props, shafts, seals, hatches, rudders etc)
  • Underwater maintenance where required, such as anti-fouling
  • Repairs such as welding, cutting, drilling
  • Confined-space entry where required
  • On-board air sampling and analysis
  • Waterline inspections/repairs
  • Cathodic protection
  • Photo-and videography

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Commercial Maintenance on large ships, ranging from routine hull and gear inspections, to confined-space entry, to air monitoring and safety inspections. No job is too small, too large or too cold.