💥New Dock💥

💥Need a new dock?💥

NEW DOCK ANYONE? We design, manage contracts, permits, re&re, install, the lot. Call us!!! hashtagDocks hashtagwharves hashtagjetty

Cold Water Divers maintains hundreds of personal assets here on the British Columbia coast and inland lakes and rivers.

    • Insurance Inspections
    • Hull Inspections
    • Prop Removals
    • Ramps and Gangways
    • Lift and Haul
    • Hull Cleaning
    • Dock Floatation
    • Transportation
    • Dock Repairs
    • Dry Docking
    • Ship Loading
    • Garbage Cleanup
    • Mooring Buoys
    • Cathodic Protection
    • Floathome Repairs
    • House Floatation
    • Custom Construction
    • Welding and Cutting
    • Underwater Photography
    • Subsurface Blasting
    • iPhone Recoveries New Docks, 💥New Dock💥, COLD WATER DIVERS Inc..., COLD WATER DIVERS Inc...
    • Maintenance Contracts
    • Encapsulated Floatation
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Subsurface Pressure Washing
    • You need it, we make it happen!





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